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Fun times with awesome people!

I normally don’t post…ever haha. Especially not really about my life. But it has been a while and it’s 6:30am and I’m having trouble sleeping…so why not!

Today (Saturday) was one of the best days/nights I’ve had…ever! Started the day off with a quick lunch at Chick-fil-a with JTong. Then we headed to UCLA to watch MCIA perform at Battle of The Pledges! Ran into Evan and Geoff there and it was nice getting to talk/catch up with them real quick, while also trying to convince them to come back to GRV =). Got to see Alvina perform with Team Ferosha, what a beast she is workin’ that mermaid outfit thingy haha. And it was nice finally being able to see a live performance of MCIA’s winter quarter set. They make me proud to be an alumni! Takes me back to my roots and I’ll forever be thankful for MCIA for molding me into the person and dancer I am today. As long as I’m able to, I’ll always try and support and give back to the team that started it all and gave me so much.

After the performance, we all went to eat around the westwood area. Mongolian BBQ, so bomb! Then some hookah at Habibi cafe before heading over to the MCIA/Team Ferosha/NSU Modern/IVL/Everyone mixer for a bit.

But the real highlight of the night for me at least, was leaving LA and heading to Carson for the GRV/CADC Mixer! Although I got there pretty late, I’m glad I went. It was fun meeting people and just getting to spend time with GRV heads since I really never get a chance to cause of scheduling conflicts and what not. After the mixer, PJ was nice enough to open up his house and he and Austin made some bomb food to feed us. I really do love being a part of GRV, and am so blessed to have the opportunity to dance with so many talented and amazing people. I don’t really get to hang out with them much but when I do it’s always a lot of fun. I feel bad and at times kind of sad that I don’t see GRV people outside of rehearsals too much because everyone seems to be getting closer as the year progresses and I definitely do want to be a part of that. But even though I don’t get to hang out with everyone as much as I would like to, I always feel welcome and always a part of the family when I do get to come out to GRV functions. And that’s something that I am truly grateful for. Even if it is a slower process for me, I’m glad I can continue to keep forming and building new bonds with my GRV fam.

I guess the purpose of this post was just to be thankful for my life and for everyone that’s a part of it.

Fin. 7:00am. Dang. Goodnight.

Haha I feel like Kris made up this quote

Haha I feel like Kris made up this quote

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Yeah…he looks good in suits…sigh NBA =(

Yeah…he looks good in suits…sigh NBA =(

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Check out mL Artist Vinh Nguyen’s class at mL Studio!!

This guyyyy…never fails! Dope piece again

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Here is the full audition mix to download for everyone practice and choreograph to for MCIA’s 2011-2012 auditions this year!


I love this mix!!! hahaha can’t wait to see the pieces toniightttt
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